Class B Display Fireworks


Please allow 48 hrs notice for pick up

The following items may only be purchased with a federal permit

Print and fill out Release/Authorization for Pickup Form here
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6” T.I.T. reports w/tail Extra heavy Titanium 


$360.00 cs.

$40.00 each


5” Multi-salutes w/tail 3 stage salutes


$384.00 cs.

$16.00 each


4: 3 time report w/tail 


$252.00 cs.

$7.00 each


5” five time report w/tail


$576.00 cs.

$24.00 each


8” color ball shells ass’t


$300.00 cs.

$50.00 each


10” color ball shells ass’t 


$300.00 cs.

$75.00 each


12”color ball shells ass’t  


$200.00 cs.

$100.00 each


5” cylinder shells serpents, thunder, whistle, ass’t colors


$228.00 cs.

$19.00 each


3” finale chained color ball shells


$165.00 cs.



3” color cylinder shells


$225.00 cs.

 $3.75 each


5” peanut shells ass’t colors


$288.00 cs.

$24.00 each


5” mixed patterns-five pointed stars


$288.00 cs.

$12.00 each


27” wheels


$ 75.00 cs.



Giant 3 ft. 3” shell Rockets


$ 40.00 cs.



Cake Boxes





120 shot salute screen


$100.00 pcs.








4” Titanium Report w/tail Extra-heavy w/tail



$$9.00 each


5” Titanium Report w/tail Extra-heavy



$15.00 each


3” Extra-heavy Titanium Report w/tails(import)Italian Style Cylinder



$4.50 each


3” Extra-heavy Finale String Titanium Report w/tail Cylinder



$4.00 each







FI 225 - Quick Match Fuse

60 ft bundle

$ 20.00



FI 227 - Stickymathc(self adhesive igniter fuse)

60 ft roll

$ 25.00



Display shells





4” Assorted display shell Small Cylinder -  FD9040
red to crackling, red to green peony, red to silver peony, variegated spider, golden wave to blue to red, variegated chrysanthemums, silver butterfly, fish, green fish, golden fish, red ring w/coco pistal, color scatter, red scatter, blue to silver crossette, green falling leaves, red wave to silver, purple flower rain, silver wave to red



$6.00 each


Case Assortments





3” Pyro Eagle Asst Shells 24/3
12 salutes, 3 pcs of each: red chry, blue chry, white chry, purple chry, gold strobe chry, orange peony, pink peony, lemon peony, crackling peony, yellow peony, white strobe peony w/purple flower pistil, gold wave, blue wave, golend kamuro, gold titanium willow silver diadem willow, red & blue palm w/big tail, blue to crackling, dragon eggs, crackling palm





3” Display Shells
Gold dahlia, red bouguet, silver wave red, red strobes, blue to red, brocade crown, gold peony, red wave, silver willow red poeny, green peony, red willow, silver wave, purple peony, blue peony, blue crackling, red to green, silver wave red, gold willow, blue to red, silver peony, lemon peony, silver willow, blue chrys, gold wave green party-color peony, parti-color crackling, crackling brocade crown, yellow chrys, multicolor crackling, white chrys, silver strobes willow, green chrys, red chrys





3” Display Shells(36 effects, 2 shells of each effect) Halfw/Tail Half w/out
Red dahlia w/silver tail, blue peony w/ coconut core, silver crown, blue chrys w/peony w/silver tail, snail, silver wave to gold, color bees, silver peony, crackling pearl, red chrys w/crackling flower, purple ring to chrys to blue bouquet, ring to crackling pistil, silver chrys, crackling palm tree, green chrys, red to green peony w/blue pistil, purple peony, green ring purple saturn, red dark silver ring to purple chrys, red wave ring to crackling flower pistil, red dark silver ring to blue chrys, golden strobe, glittering salute, brocade crown, golden strobe coconut sunshine to chrys, silver ring w/chrys to purple, color strobe, color falling leaves





3” Display Shells(36 effects, 2 shells of each effect)
Red strobe willow, crackle willow, golden chrys, blue coco, purple coco, red crossette,blue crossette, red strobe, white strobe, brocade to red, gold willow, red wave, gold peony, blue peony, lemon peony, pink peony, purple peony, lemon strobe, golden wave, green willow, crackle crossette, brocade to red ring, golden crackle chrys w/green pistil, gold strobe willow, color dahlia, silver crackle, red ring to crackle pistil, half red half blue pistil, blue to white strobe, chrys to bright red, RWB wave, pink dahlia, yellow to brocade crown, red to time rain, red coco, green coco (36 effects)





4” Assorted Shell
Super peony w/ tail, silver strobe willow, red falling leaves, red white blue peony, red corssette, variegated to color brocade crown, green peony w/coconut pistil, yellow falling leaves, silver peony, chrys to white strobe w/silver waterfall in sky, silver coconut crossette , green peony, yellow peony w/coconut pistil, green spider, green to silver strobe, purple to blue w/silver tail, silver bees, red strobe willow, blue wave, blue peony, lemon crossette lemon tail, red ring variegated pistil, red bees, green chrys w/silver tail, green bees, green chrys w/silver tail, red strobe, yellow peony w/silver tail, crackling coconut tree, ring w/crackling pistil, blue ring, chrys to crackling, red white blue peony w/silver tail, brocade to green to purple, green peony, red strobe





4” Display Shells 36/1 18 effects, 2 shells each
Assorted color dahlia, light blue ring, red spider w/red tail, red to silver bees, purple to yellow chrys, golden kamuro, diadem chrys to variegated glitter, brocade crown to green, blue chrys, green chrys, white chrys, half red half green peony, silver chrys w/little red flower, purple chrys w/little silver flower, red to blue peony w/silver pistil, chrys to crackling all salutes w/purple tail + 1 white peony





3” Sunny Assorted w/Tails
red to gold strobe chrys.w/silver tail, yellow peony w/orange pistil, crackling chrys. & blue w/crackling tail, silver diadem w/red strobe pistil, green ring w/dragon eggs pistil w/silver tail, orange dahlia, gold glitter crossette, silver kamuro, silver brocade crown w/tail, RWB mag. dahlia, super gold fliter spider, pink to poppy flower, lemon to silver crossette, white chrys. to blue w/tail, GS purple w/green palm pistil, aqua peony & gold spider, lemon to silver crackling glitter w/big crackling flower pistil w/tail, purple & glitter silver w/tail.





4” Sunny Assorted w/Tails
blue peony to silver strobe, purple to popping flower, red to blue peony w/silver palm core w/ti, red tip w/crackling ti w/ti, purple dahlia, blue to twinkling kamuro w/ti, red glitter w/big silver palm w/ti, red chry. w/silver palm w/ti, green & purple dahlia w/ti, variegated color w/ti, glitter silver to red chry, green strobe willow & purple w/ti, variegated peony, silver palm ring w/red and green tip, gold strobe to green w/ti, red, green palm, purple glit. to silver strobe w/ti





SHENMA Japanese Style Display Shells





Case Assortments





4”Shenma Asst Shells
brocade crown, crackling coconut, red wave, sea blue peony, silver strobe palm, multi-color peony, red dahlia, blue cycas tree, white strobe chrys, red falling leaves, green chrys, colorful corssette, colorful swimming star, gold strobe dahlia, blue palm, colorful peony w/crackling pistil, green strobe willow, gold strobe tiger tail





4”Shenma Asst Shells
brocade palm, gold strobe dahlia, colorful dahlia, colorful peony w/white strobe pistil, green dahlia, crackling brocade crown, yellow dahlia, red wave swimming star, time rain crossette, red cycas tree, blue dark silver, sea blue peony, pink peony, purple to yellow, gold crackling willow, green falling leaves, gold strobe tiger tail, colorful peony w/coconut pistil





6” Shenma Asst Shells(A) 9/1 -  LSF-6-SMA6A
Brocade crown to silver glitter w/red glitter pistil w/gold tail, chrys to green to yellow with blue/red double pistil w/green tail, chrys to silver with blue/red double pistil w/silver tail, crackling brocade crown w/white glitter pistil w/crackling tail, golden glitter chrys with purple pistil w/gold tail, green cluster light pistil with blue to purple ball flower w/green tail, purple to green peony with yellow/red double pistil w/purple tail, red/green double pistil to golden glitter crown with golden glitter big tails w/red tail, yellow peony to cloud grass w/crackling pistil w/yellow tail





6” Shenma Asst Shells(B) 9/1 -  LSF-6-SMA6B
green dark green, red strobe(special) w/silver glitter tail, blue saturn w/ghost rings, golden strobe crossette, silver waterfall in the air, multi-color moonlight w/white pistil, golden titanium willow, ghost shell w/rising comets, silver wave to purple w/red to green pistil





5” Display Shells
Red dahlia w/white strobe, 3 color changing to chrys flower w/tail, crackling peony, brocade crown horse tail, blue peony w/red strobe pistil, gold wave to green to red strobe, silver crown





5” Display Shells
Green peony w/red pistil, red to time rain corwn, red to green peony, brocade crown to purple, silver wave to red, jellyfish, red to rain brocade, colorful peony w/flowers, silver crown and red cross double ring, flowers wave willow, red wave w/rain, lemon peony w/ppistil, silver wave to blue, red wave w/time rain pistil





2.5” 20s 1/2 Color 1/2 Salutes
1/2 RWB Peony breaks 1/2 very loud salutes Last volley all salutes
25 SEC 30





3 Minutes Show In A Box
228’s Mixed Effects




  All wholesale customers must fill out a resale certificate or pay PA sales tax.                                                                                                                                                            


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You must be at least 18 years old to purchase class C(1.4) fireworks and at least 21 to purchase class B(1.3) fireworks. Sales of class B(1.3) fireworks requires a federal permit.

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